Land Box Premium by Escape Vans
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Land Box Premium by Escape Vans

It was evident to us from the beginning that once we acquired the Land Cruiser, we were eager to enhance our new vehicle by equipping it with some essential camping gear. Fortunately, a suitable solution presented itself in the form of the Land Box Premium, the latest camping box offered by Escape Vans.

Key features of the Land Box Premium by Escape Vans

Let’s delve into the structural aspects of the camping box. The Land Box Premium boasts a sleek rectangular design, meticulously crafted using high-quality birch plywood. Its compact dimensions measuring 80 x 70 x 120 cm ensure its compatibility with most SUV models. To ensure a secure fit, the box can be firmly fastened using four cargo straps, which conveniently attach to the mounting points located at each corner of your trunk.

Functionally, the camping box can be divided into two distinct parts, each serving its own purpose. The primary component is the mainframe, ingeniously designed to function as a comfortable sleeping platform. Complementing this is the sliding drawer located on the box’s rear side. This versatile drawer can be effortlessly detached from the frame and positioned alongside the car using attachable support legs. This feature proves particularly advantageous when staying in one location for an extended period, providing a practical and convenient solution.

All you need to cook in the wild

The kitchen within the camping box offers a range of convenient features, all seamlessly accessible by simply sliding out the drawer. Positioned on the left side is a highly efficient gas burner, providing a reliable cooking solution. Directly beneath the burner, you’ll discover a dedicated compartment designed to securely hold gas cartridges, along with additional storage space for various essentials. To ensure safety while on the move, the burner is thoughtfully safeguarded by three sturdy metal plates, ingeniously held in place by magnets. This ingenious design creates a robust wind cover, allowing for uninterrupted cooking experiences.

Moreover, situated right behind the gas burner, there is a spacious storage compartment offering ample depth. This compartment proves particularly useful for storing additional gas cartridges and infrequently used kitchen utensils, keeping them organized and readily accessible whenever required.

On the opposite side, the camping box is equipped with a perfectly fitted Dometic CF11* compressor fridge. This well-designed refrigerator, renowned for its exceptional quality, ensures optimal cooling efficiency throughout your camping endeavors. Its compact size makes it ideally suited for two-day camping trips, yet it accommodates various essentials, including the prized inclusion of a wine bottle—a small detail that many enthusiasts would appreciate.

Finally, let’s explore the features of the middle section within the Escape Vans camping box. At the top, you’ll find a spacious and level working surface, expertly designed to accommodate your camping needs. Here, you’ll discover the convenience of an electric pump, ready to provide water whenever required. A strategically placed faucet/showerhead attachment point adds versatility to this space, allowing you to easily access water for cooking or personal hygiene purposes.

Beneath the working surface lies a thoughtfully integrated 10-liter water tank, ensuring a readily available water supply throughout your camping adventures. You may be curious as to why a water tank and faucet are included in this section. The answer lies in the ingenious design of the camping box—its front section can be opened up, transforming into a functional cooking surface. Within the cooking shelf itself, a well-positioned hole reveals a cleverly designed foldable sink, perfectly suited for various washing tasks. This sink is concealed by a beautifully crafted cutting board, showcasing precise CNC-cut sections specifically tailored to accommodate high-quality cutlery.

Converting the camping box into a sleeping platform

Undoubtedly, the most remarkable and indispensable feature of the Land Box Premium is its ingeniously designed foldable bed platform. Transforming our Land Cruiser into a comfortable and inviting bedroom on wheels is now a hassle-free process, taking a mere three minutes of our time. This impressive efficiency stems from the streamlined conversion process, comprising just three simple steps.

To commence, hidden within the camping box, we discovered the concealed components required to create the bed platform. By utilizing these parts, we effortlessly construct a sturdy platform above the folded-down seats, providing a solid foundation for our slumber. In the next step, two wooden boards effortlessly slide into place, seamlessly integrating with the platform and further enhancing its stability. Finally, we complete the transformation by placing a luxuriously comfortable mattress atop the platform, instantly creating a cozy haven for a restful night’s sleep.

How do we like the Land Box Premium so far?

When we bought the Land Cruiser we knew that having a roof-top wouldn’t be an option for now. Mainly due to the fact that want to keep the car in a classic and stock vibe for a while. Our Toyota is like an empty canvas. Our priorities are mainly in making this car more comfortable to drive. This means that we gonna exchange some of its interior parts. A permanent drawer system isn’t an option. So the fact that it takes less than 15 minutes to remove it from the car is a huge advantage.

If we look at the functionality of the Land Box Premium, the solutions Escape Vans implemented are great. Especially due to the fact that so many things have been compromised in such a small camping box. The Land Cruiser is still a 5-seater and there’s still some empty space behind the rear seats and on both sides of the box.


Upon acquiring our Land Cruiser, we made a conscious decision to preserve its classic and stock aesthetics, postponing any rooftop additions for the time being. Our vehicle, like a blank canvas, offers endless possibilities for customization. However, our primary focus lies in enhancing the driving comfort of the car, which entails replacing certain interior components. While a permanent drawer system is not a viable option, the Land Box Premium’s remarkable advantage lies in its quick and effortless removal, taking less than 15 minutes—a feature we truly appreciate.

When evaluating the functionality of the Land Box Premium, it becomes apparent that Escape Vans has implemented ingenious solutions, considering the limited space available within this compact camping box. Remarkably, the Land Cruiser remains a 5-seater, leaving empty space behind the rear seats and on both sides of the box, offering further flexibility and room for personalization.

However, like any exceptional product, the Land Box Premium does have some limitations. It may not be ideally suited for longer excursions into the wilderness. The fridge, although of superior quality, proves too small to adequately store a substantial amount of food rations. Similarly, the water tank’s capacity only lasts for a modest two days, should we wish to engage in dishwashing activities. Nonetheless, in the current context, the Land Box Premium is a perfect solution for our needs. It excels in its ease of removal, functional design, and captivating aesthetics. Crafted from premium materials with meticulous attention to detail, this camping box offers a compelling and reliable camping experience.

Land Box Premium Video presentation

If you want to learn more about the Land Box Premium. Feel free to visit the official Escape Vans website. There are pictures and drawings showcasing the functionality at every stage of use. Additionally, there is a brand-new video on our YouTube channel with a full presentation of all recent modifications. Among others the Land Box Premium by Escape Vans.