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There is a high chance you stumbled across the Front Runner Feather-Lite during your roof-top tent research and want to know more about this product. Lucky you, we have been sleeping in this wonderful tent in the last two years of travel in the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Attached to the roof rack, it was our home on four wheels. We can easily say that it was the most important addition in terms of travel comfort. This blog post is a display of all you need to know before getting your hands on the Front Runner Feather-Lite.

Front Runner Feather-Lite dimensions

The dimensions of the unfolded Front Runner Feather-Lite roof tent are 1,30 m in width and 2,40 m in length. Moreover, it is the flattest roof tent on the market and weighs only 43 kg. Therefore it is a great choice for cars with a lower roof rating and less available space. Additionally, due to its flat profile, you can reduce air resistance when driving. The tent itself can comfortably accommodate two adults. It opens in one smooth movement, creating a lightning-fast bedroom wherever we are.

Product dimensions (excl. ladder)
open (internal dimensions)

2438mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 1330mm (H)

Closed (excl. ladder and cover)
1295mm(L) x 1220mm(W) x 200mm(H)/ 216mm(H)

Open (incl. flysheet)
3330mm (L) x 2290mm (W) x 1330mm (H)

Closed (incl. ladder and cover)
1330mm (L) x 1245mm (W) x 330mm (H)

Front Runner Feather-Lite from above


A durable base with an aluminum frame, foils, and a dense foam core provide stabilization and insulation. The tent’s body is a waterproof, durable 260g ripstop polyester-cotton fabric. The outer layer is a 400D waterproof, UV-resistant polyester fabric. In addition, a solid and durable 650 g nylon cover, covered with PVC, protects the tent during transport. The set with the tent is a comfortable mattress, 6 cm thick, made of high-density foam. In addition, the tent cover is a washable, moisture-resistant, and mildew-resistant polyester fabric – Oxford.

Front Runner Feather-Lite on roof-rack

Additional Functions

Undoubtedly, our favorite is the unlimited view, because on 4 sides of the world from all windows – if necessary, the skylights can be opened or closed to provide access to fresh air, sun, or a view of the sky. This roof-top tent has other locks on all windows and doors, so we can adjust the opening size to suit the needs of privacy or weather conditions. There are two hanging pockets (34 cm x 22 cm) inside the tent. They provide enough space for personal belongings: tablet, book, and phone. In addition, the extra space at the entrance can be used to store larger personal items inside the tent. How to get inside? This is probably the most common question we have heard after purchasing a tent. In this, we are helped by an extendable, solid, aluminum ladder.

Opening the Front Runner Feather-Lite

Front Runner Feather-Lite Roof-top tent mount

Universal mounting plates are included with the Front Runner Feather-Lite roof-top tent. They are not part of the tent, but a separate element to provide the greatest possible flexibility when attaching them to the roof rack or crossbars. Of course, it is possible to buy dedicated mounting plates for the Front Runner roof rack. The tent can be mounted on almost any vehicle in any way – with the possibility of opening backward, forwards, or sideways.

Front Runner Feather-lite ladder


All in all, we believe that the Front Runner Feather-Lite is a great roof-top tent if you are starting off with this form of travel. Especially as there are not many alternatives in this price range. It is durable, the dimensions make it fit on almost every vehicle out there and it is lightweight compared to other tents. Keep in mind that setting up soft-shell rooftop tents takes time and it is not as easy as it seems. If you want to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of all the different rooftop tents, feel free to visit a dedicated post on our blog.

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