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On the island of Crete, there is a beautiful place called Thalori. A unique accommodation experience located in the historical village of Kapetaniana, in the south of the Heraklion region. The name Thalori describes the geographical position and comes from the Greek Thalassa (sea) and Ori (Mountain). We were lucky enough to visit this place during our two-week honeymoon trip to Crete. This blog post displays all you need to know before having your best time at Thalori.

Thalori Retreat Architecture & History

Thalori is a complex of fifteen traditional accommodations which were restored to reflect the vernacular architecture which was dominant in the very old days. It frames a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and combines in harmonious ways with the wildness of the mountain and the serenity and benefits of the sea. This double character of the village, and its long history, rubs off on its buildings which combine Minoan stylistic influences and monastery architecture. They have a lot in common with castles, while in the older days, sheepfolds of various sizes formed an integral part of these fortified homes. They were built from materials resourced locally and fitted perfectly with the surrounding environment.

thalori Kapetaniana village
vernacular greek architecture

Some years ago the owners started to restore the neighborhood house-by-house. All with respect to the local architecture and without harming the vernacular character of the village. The resort remains part of the village which is full of life and energy. Despite the resort’s impeccably renovated image, it manages to merge harmoniously with the village’s style and looks.

Kapetaniana street
traditional greek architecture
greek cats

Traditional Greek Restaurant

One of the main features and the beating heart of Thalori Resort is the restaurant. Located centrally in a two-story building it features a large fireplace and imposing windows, offering panoramic views of the surroundings. The interior includes traditional decor made out of locally sourced materials, such as hand-made olivewood lighting fixtures. In general, the resort owners designed the floor plan to create a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy your meals.

Thalori Retreat Restaurant view
greek salad thalori retreat

The cuisine relies on traditional Cretan dishes, which are recognized and famous worldwide. The dietary philosophy of Thalori dictates that they use only pure, local ingredients and cook them with due respect for tradition and hygiene. Special emphasis is given to the experience of taste and the variety of healthy dishes. With this in mind, there are menus for lunch and dinner. The dishes differ from day to day and are so tasty, they can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

thalori restaurant view


Besides the beautiful location and the amazing restaurant, there are still a lot more things you can do during your stay at the Thalori Resort. In particular daily agricultural activities and animal husbandry. For example, taking care of all the animals on the farm like sheep and horses. Additionally Beekeeping, salt production, and the distillation of the traditional Cretan alcohol Raki, often referred to as tsikoudia. Above that winemaking, and harvesting of herbs, mushrooms, and snails. There are also cooking classes for guests interested in the local cuisine.

renting a car in heraklion
south heraklion

For people interested in sports, there are 10 official trekking trails, 5 climbing routes in canyons, and a canyon descent via the Ferrata climbing route. Additionally, 4 mountain bike routes with a total distance of around 95 km, 7 off-roading routes with 140 km of tracks, and others, such as boat trips, guided fishing excursions, and bird watching. 

wine tasting Thalori

Thalori accommodation options

In the construction and design of the thalori resort, particular emphasis was placed on the selection of the building materials and furnishings. The aim was to create and enhance the harmony among exterior and interior spaces. In particular, the selection and design of furniture were meticulous. The elements of stone and rock, traditional fireplaces, lofts, and embroidered carpets create a very warm atmosphere that is both functional and relaxing. In total there are 15 housing units that can accommodate from 2 to 6 persons.

exploring Thalori in Heraklion region
greek traditional village thalori

An important feature is an outside pool. It is constructed from natural materials and is ideally situated. It offers a unique view of the sea which will prove refreshing and relaxing during your stay.

Thalori infinity pool
infinity pool greece
hellas beer

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