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Photography is an inseparable part of our trips. When completing our Overlanding photography equipment, we wanted it not to take up too much space, to be light and as versatile as possible. This post presents our current setup.


A great camera for those people who are looking for a camera for everything. It may not be a full frame, but the technology has gone so far in recent years that there is really nothing to be ashamed of. And what are the advantages? Much smaller and much cheaper lenses, and analog film simulations! Photos look brilliant straight from the camera, without any processing. 

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The Fujinon XF 18-55mm f / 2.8-4

Probably the best kit lens on the market. Very versatile for overlanding photography. Quality workmanship, efficient optical stabilization, image sharpness and very fast autofocus. In addition, the sealing system was developed to perfection. Despite the fact that it is only a “kit” lens, it is not going to be sold any soon.

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The Fujinon XF 23mm f / 1.4 R lens

23 mm focal length, which is the equivalent of 35 mm on a full frame. This focal length was inseparably connected with our previous camera system, Sony. The lens itself is brilliant. The quality of workmanship, sharpness and, above all, the vividness of the photos – it’s very hard to find something better. 

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At the same time, a light and durable tripod is the basic part of every photographer’s equipment. The manufacturer of Sirui tripods is famous for its ideal solutions. One of them is the Sirui Traveler 7a model. What is the feature of this tripod? Light structure made of solid magnesium and aluminium alloy, 3D panoramic ball head with safety lock, vertical and horizontal spirit level and monopod function. 

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Rode VideoMic Pro + microphone

Everyone knows that the built-in microphones in most cameras are .. you know what! With the Rode VideoMic Pro+ our camera transforms into full-fledged film equipment. In addition to the sensational sound quality, it is also child’s play to use, and the noise filter is useful in many difficult recording situations. 

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