About Us

Greetings and welcome to our slice of the digital world!

We are Aleksandra and Cezary, a vibrant couple in our late twenties with a shared wanderlust and love for all things adventurous. For us, every turn, every street, every nook and cranny holds the promise of a new story, and our aim is on discover it.

Off The Road in Albania
Off THe Road in Croatia

OUR Philosophy

Just get out there

Adventure isn’t just about scaling mountain peaks or diving into the deep blue; it’s about the little moments, the connections with people, and the authentic experiences that enrich our souls. We thrive on uncovering the lesser-known culinary delights, engaging with locals, and soaking in the unique ambiance each place has to offer.

Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ76


Learn more about our Toyota Land Cruiser

You might spot us most of the time in our trusty classic Toyota Land Cruiser, a symbol of our shared dreams and hard work. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of dedication, we’ve transformed this classic machine into a self-sustaining overlanding rig, ready to take us wherever our hearts desire.


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